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Article: Top 5 Pregnancy hacks you should know about

Top 5 Pregnancy hacks you should know about

Top 5 Pregnancy hacks you should know about

The 40 weeks journey that starts with a small seed will be life-changing for you and your family. As your body grows through each trimester nurturing your baby inside your womb, there will also be plenty real life challenges of not just keeping up with clothes - but also swollen feet and so much more!  

Here are some of our favourite pregnancy hacks to make your bump time a little easier. These pregnancy hacks are ones that helped me personally and I hope they help you too!

  1. Get some Bra extenders

Do not keep away your existing collection of bras. With a simple bra extender, you may still be able to use your current bras without over-spending on too many new bras that will only serve their purpose for a very short time. Besides these extenders, I invested in 4 maternity bras (2 good ones from BrasNthings and 2 regular ones from Target). 

P.S. - Did you know that it is recommended to wear WIRE-FREE bras during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? This is extremely important for healthy milk ducts and may even help prevent blockages. Say bye-bye to under-wired bras for sometime and seek guidance from your midwife for further info.

These bra extenders are part of our Second Trimester bundle linked here. Available in nude, black and white.

     2. An amazing pregnancy pillow or boy-friend pillow.

I purchased a pregnancy pillow during my second pregnancy after a friend highly recommended it to me, and OMG - was it the best pregnancy purchase ever! It really made a big difference to my otherwise restless and disrupted sleep and I no longer needed to adjust cushions all night! I really recommend you get this - if you have the space for it as it is quite bulky to store. There are plenty of online retailers selling this, I bought mine through eBay and it served me just fine.

    3. Get a bottle that reminds you to DRINK MORE WATER.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of being pregnant! In fact, not just during pregnancy, but if you are breastfeeding - you will need to drink lots of water. Which is why we created this unique bottle for our mums - 

Hydration bottles for expecting mums

This exclusive bottle is now available to purchase on it's own (since mums have been loving it :) ) here. Also available with our First Trimester and Deluxe pregnancy gift bundle

   4. Get some apps. 

There are lots of amazing apps available to us now that can really make life easy. Some of them even send out detailed emails about what-to-expect each week and the timing is pure genius. It will come in very handy to know what is coming up so we can be better prepared and above all - so we know that it is completely normal.

   5. Cure to swollen feet.

While 'putting your feet up' is the first thing you should do to avoid swollen feet, it is not always possible with our busy lives. The next best thing to do - is get a foot soak! Even 15-30 minutes of sitting with your feet soaked in some healing epsom salts can be truly relieving AND -  relaxing. 

One I can recommend is the epsom foot salts soak by 'The Salt Box', made with 100% Natural ingredients that may help ease discomforts associated with swollen and tired feet. All members of the family can actually enjoy a good soak!


 This foot soak is available with some our bundles like the third trimester care bundle and the Deluxe gift bundle to name a few.

I know I said 5 top things, but I also want to give you a sixth one!  

Jeans too tight? Get a pair of extenders available with our First trimester bundle, or simply wear them with a hair tie! Just loop a hair tie around your jeans button and wear it with a longer top! Voila.

Enjoy your pregnancy and don't forget to look after yourself 💛

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