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Article: 5 things I wish I did more of during my pregnancy

5 things I wish I did more of during my pregnancy

5 things I wish I did more of during my pregnancy

   1. Take more 'Bumpies'.

If you haven't guessed it by now - Bumpies are Bump-Selfies. I barely have good pictures from my first pregnancy, so I made sure I go all out and click as many selfies as I can, so I can look back and cherish the good pregnancy days. If you have the money or a good friend with a fancy camera - go ahead and indulge in a pregnancy shoot - it is totally worth it.

Selfie, bump selfie, bumpie


2. Pamper myself and buy my own gifts

You may get lots of gifts during pregnancy, but not all may be to your liking and as per what YOU enjoy. Take my word and don't wait for anyone to buy you your perfect pregnancy gift - Gift yourself. After all, Self-Love and Self-Care come first.

You can start by browsing our thoughtfully curated bundles here.

   3. Appreciate my body transformation

Pregnancy body transformation

While I was pregnant, I would often feel worn down by the aches and pains, the discomforts and not having enough clothes in my wardrobe to wear! As I look back now, I am amazed and so grateful for the amazing capability of my own body and the many phases of transition it has gone through in having my two babies.

Which is why, I made sure I include some Positive 'Pregnancy and Birth' affirmation cards to remind you to be grateful and appreciative of your changing body.

You can get an affirmation cards kit for yourself here.

   4. Find a Pregnancy subscription box service

There weren't plenty of these available when I was pregnant, or I didn't find them easily but I think pregnancy subscription boxes are a great and fun way to enjoy all the wonderful pregnancy products there are! 

We have recently introduced an exclusive pregnancy subscription service (view here) with some of the best products available in Australia. You won't need to ever worry about any pregnancy supplies with this service.

   5. Journal 

Lastly - I wish I did a lot more journaling during my pregnancies. Journaling is such a beautiful way to share our thoughts and feelings and they make for amazing keepsakes not just for you, but also to be passed on to your baby.

I personally highly recommend this as much as possible and as much as you enjoy it, as this beautiful phase does not last long (even though it feels like eternity) and is worth holding onto, through your words. 

Get the highly sought after 'Bump' journal to start your pregnancy journaling, along with some hot chocolate and eye mask here.

'Bump' pregnancy journal 

P.S. - Here is another tip - Save your baby's hospital tags and hospital birth announcement card in your journal. They make for a beautiful keepsake too and I have saved them for both my babies born in Hospital Care.

Enjoy your pregnancy and look after yourself 💛 

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