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Article: Top 7 Gifts for expecting mums in Australia

Best pregnancy gifts Australia and pregnancy subscription

Top 7 Gifts for expecting mums in Australia

Nurturing expecting mums is a beautiful way to honour the remarkable journey of motherhood they are embarking on. It's not just about the physical items; it's a gesture of support and care, acknowledging the incredible changes they are experiencing with their mind and body.

Thoughtful gifts can provide comfort, encouragement, and a sense of being supported during this transformative phase of life.

And to help you find a gift that will help you support her, we have curated an exclusive list of the 'Best gifts for pregnant women' in Australia - 

1. A thoughtfully curated Little Seedling bundle: 

Our pregnancy care packages are at the top of our list for a reason. Each bundle is filled with high-quality essentials like natural belly oils, organic magnesium sprays, and foot soaks to ease pregnancy-related discomforts. Our bundles have been curated after extensive research, planning and sourcing from within Australia - to provide expecting and new mums with top quality products.

These packages are not just gifts; they're a way to show love and support during this special time.

Our motto is to celebrate every pregnancy, and nurture new beginnings from pregnancy and beyond. Start by browsing our Pregnancy care collection here.

pregnancy gifts for my wife


2. Organic Pregnancy and Lactation Tea:

Nothing provides more comfort than sipping a warm cup of tea. And when it is made from pure natural ingredients and is safe for our babies, it makes it even more soothing. 

A quality nourishing Pregnancy Tea can be a lovely gift for expecting mothers, and can be enjoyed guilt free throughout pregnancy and postpartum. There are many businesses in Australia that provide a great product, some of which are included in our bundles like Mama Body Tea, The Breastfeeding Tea Co. and the likes. 


3. Pregnancy Journal:

A good pregnancy journal makes a beautiful keepsake first for the mum, then for the baby. 

We recommend this as pregnancy is a special phase in a woman's life, and before we know - life takes a full-circle from child birth to toddlers, teens, adults. Documenting our feelings and special moments in a good journal preserve our memories forever. 

We love the linen covered 'Bump' journal by Write to Me, which features 144 pages, divided into various sections for journalling. This journal is part of our 'Bump bundle', if you're looking to create a small gift box with other essentials for the mama.

Bump journal gift bundle

4. Good quality Skincare Products, like Belly oils:

Pregnancy brings a myriad of changes to a woman's body, particularly to her skin, which stretches and adapts to accommodate the growing life within. This period of transformation can often lead to dryness, itching, and stretch marks.

Nourishing the skin with products like belly oils is essential during this time, as they provide deep hydration, improve elasticity, and offer soothing relief, helping to keep the skin supple and comfortable while supporting the body's incredible journey through pregnancy.

There is a range of belly oils in the Australian market, with some beautiful businesses manufacturing them locally with highest quality ingredients. We supply the Belly oil by The Hermosa Co., which is part of a lot of our pregnancy bundles.

5. Baby Keepsakes:

We love capturing precious memories, and you will find that most mums who receive these as gifts - absolutely love it. Mums are often so busy building their nurseries, keeping up with what to expect, planning for postpartum and baby - that they forget to pause and cherish little moments.

A baby keepsake like 'Inkless mess-free print kit' for capturing baby's tiny hands and feet, a frame for the Baby's ultrasound, or a baby record book are great gift ideas that mums are sure to love.

You will find the Print kit and Baby journal as part of our Newborn baby gifts collection linked here.

Baby keepsakes inkless print kit


6. Postpartum care:

This phase is the most important, yet often neglected. A woman's body goes through a lot during childbirth, and she needs as much care as her precious little newborn. However, our tiny little beings need so much care, that often mums forget to look after themselves and allow their bodies to rest and heal.

By gifting her supportive products, you can send her a subtle reminder to look after herself too. There are many products in the market that support new mums, and we have curated some of the essentials in our postpartum collection and gifts for new mums here

7. Pregnancy subscription:

Nothing better than continuous care throughout pregnancy. With this in mind, we have recently introduced a Pregnancy Trimester subscription service, so mums can feel supported, equipped and pampered throughout this special journey. 

A subscription service is the best solution for you if you are looking to support a pregnant mum not just once, but throughout her pregnancy. It is the most convenient, affordable and practical gift solution - second best to your time and presence.


In conclusion: 

Nothing will compare to the physical and emotional support you can offer an expecting mum, but we hope the above ideas resonate with you and will help you support a new mum, especially when you are away.

At Little Seedling, we're committed to nurturing pregnant women and new mums throughout their journey. Explore our website to find the perfect bundle for yourself or a loved one, and experience the love, value, and care packed with every product. For a customised bundle, simply reach out to us here.


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